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4 Reasons Why Lawyers Need A Website

Lawyers need a website because it can be an incredible tool for growing their business, whether they're an established law firm, a brand-new law firm, or a freelance lawyer.
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Lawyers need a website because it can be an incredible tool for growing their business, whether they’re an established law firm, a brand-new law firm, or a freelance lawyer just starting out. Although law firms have typically provided face-to-face service, there are a variety of ways that shifting to a more digital platform could bring you new consumers and raise brand awareness. So, here are the four reasons why lawyers need a website.

1. More people will locate and contact you if you have a website.

85 percent of consumers do online research before making a purchase, according to studies. That is a huge prospective client base that you can get into, which you would miss out on if you didn’t have a website for them to browse. That’s why lawyers need a website to promote services. People are more likely to find you if you have a website, rather than spending money on television or print advertisements, which are rapidly losing their utility in our more digital age.

2. Your lawyer’s website will help increase trust and credibility.

How can you convince potential clients that you are trustworthy and of great quality? One simple way is to prove it on your website. You can provide qualifications certificates, recommendations from significant companies, or personal testimonials. This could help you network with other lawyers and refer them to one another.

Building trust requires a mobile-friendly, relatively modern design as well as current photos of the lawyers and team. You can see this by looking at the websites of your competitors. A small business website, including those for law firms and solo practitioners, is the modern-day equivalent of a CV or resume.

3. Provides useful information to potential clients

Visitors to your law firm’s website will gain trust by seeing your credentials and client testimonials. Uploading relevant and useful content to your website helps demonstrate your expertise. Many clients look for legal advice online before looking for a lawyer.

It’s a good idea to put in the time and effort to create a long-form piece of legal advice content in eBook or PDF format. You can then limit access to this resource to visitors who provide an email address, which is a great approach for you to generate warm leads while also showing potential clients that you have the relevant knowledge to help them.

4. Your law firm website is 24/7 online

Another reason why lawyers need a website is that it is an excellent – and inexpensive – marketing tool. People rarely seek lawyers unless they need one, so those who visit your site are already interested in your firm’s services. You won’t waste that opportunity if you have a website.

Word of mouth is great in a community, but not everyone in that community needs a lawyer all of the time. You can’t reach many people through referrals, but a website has the potential to reach new eyes. A website operates continuously and does not rely on humans to relay information.

Key Takeaway

A lawyer needs a website because it is an extremely effective marketing tool. It is also the heart of your business and should represent that in all aspects, from design to content. People will know where to go if they need legal representation if you have a website, so don’t let them find someone else!

A Web Design Service Customized to Your Specific Business Needs

We know that your business is unique, and we want to make sure it has a website that truly reflects who you are and what you do. That’s why we offer a custom design service as well as a template-based service.

We don’t just build websites—we build systems for your business. We make sure that every part of your online presence is set up in such a way that it supports everything else you do—from marketing messages to customer service questions, customer data management to employee communication, and more! It’s not just a website; it’s an entire system designed to work for you.

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